Innovative range developed exclusively for SILESTONE

Because an excellent countertop requires an excellent care! For that reason, MPL presents the innovative range developed exclusively for SILESTONE, joining the knowledge of MPL and the experience of SILESTONE.   This range is composed by three cleaners formulated for cleaning and protecting the surfaces, both kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as preserving the…

We increase the range!

We introduce the new Concentrated Fabric Softener Jasmine Flower & Apple, a perfect and balanced combination of fruits and floral essences. Its pleasant scent envelops your clothes.   Thanks to its technology with Micro Capsules, the fragrance is released progressively to obtain a longer-lasting effect. And you, which fragrance do you want to go with you…


The perfect ingredient!

New hand soap for kitchen, which cleans your hands neutralizing the strong odors that remain after cooking, such as garlic, onion or fish.

Specially formulated with patented technology against bad odors, and with a pleasant and fresh aroma that will make you forget any past traces.

New Releases

MPL launches new range of products intended to obtain a professional cleaning. The new range is formed by quality products which make easier the cleaning of all types of surfaces. Haven’t you tried them yet?